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Put Your Marriage Behind You

Going through a divorce can be a confusing and emotional time. O.W.L. Legal can take some of the stress off your shoulders by providing you with a practiced divorce attorney in Marysville, MI.

We can help you with every part of the divorce process, from filing for spousal support to creating child custody and visitation agreements. Set up a free in-person or over-the-phone consultation with our divorce attorney today to start the legal process.

What do judges consider during child custody cases?

Sharing custody of your kids is difficult. But our child custody attorney and the judge assigned to your case will always do what's in the best interest of your child. When determining a custody arrangement, the judge will consider both parents':

  • Relationship with the child
  • Mental and physical well-being
  • Financial stability and living situation

Talk to our child custody attorney about your situation today. We'll work hard to achieve a favorable outcome for your situation.

Property Division, Spousal Support, Child Custody and Parenting Time

Divorce is Complicated - Don't Try to Figure It Out Alone

Divorce is emotional, feelings are hurt, people are angry, and children are confused. You need a divorce attorney in Marysville, MI who understands the legal process and can walk through the highs and lows of a divorce without an emotional barricade.

People getting divorced have questions:

➢ Can I keep my house?
➢ How much child support will I have to pay?
➢ Will I have to pay spousal support?
➢ Can I keep the cabin I inherited from my grandmother?
➢ I've been accused of domestic violence and thrown out of my house, what do I do?
➢ How do I get custody of the kids?
➢ Does it make a difference who files for divorce?
➢ How long will it take until I'm divorced?

These are just some of the questions people have when getting divorced in Marysville, MI. Every case is different, every person has different concerns.

You need a divorce attorney who can who understands the legal process and can calmly negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. Trying to negotiate with your spouse is difficult when dealing with emotional barriers and anger that is normal during a divorce.

O.W.L. Legal will answer all your questions, so you understand the divorce process. He will make sure all court documents are filed and will appear in court with for all hearings. Time is crucial if you have been served with divorce papers in person or by certified mail. If you do not respond within 21-28 days, respectively, a default will be taken against you.

Child custody, child support, and parenting time are determined based on recommendations made by Friend of the Court. They will gather information from both parents regarding income, preferences for custody, and parenting time. Based on interviews, questionnaires, and support documents such as income tax returns, Friend of the Court will issue a recommendation based on the best interests of the child.

Friend of the Court also can make recommendations on spousal support. Spousal support is based on the number of years married and maintaining the same standard of living as prior to the divorce. Spousal support is not awarded in every divorce.

Division of property includes real estate, household goods, family heirlooms, and personal property. It also includes things such as investments, pensions, and retirement accounts. The goal is to equalize financial assets acquired during the marriage.

Michigan has "no-fault" divorce. This means you do not need a reason for the divorce. No one has to be at "fault" for a divorce to be granted. Frequently accusations are made, and you may be accused and/or charged with domestic violence during the divorce process.

O.W.L. Legal can represent you on both your divorce and any criminal charges that arise during your divorce. If you are in the process of divorce and are being abused by your spouse, we can guide you on the steps to take to make sure your safety is legally protected during the divorce and after.

Don't Try to Navigate the Divorce Process Alone

It may seem like an easy process. Pick up some forms at the library, fill them out, and file the divorce. Often what happens is the do-it-yourself divorce turns into a nightmare. It can be a dispute over property, child custody, or post-divorce proceedings that are hard to resolve because of the check-box divorce pleadings and judgments used when filing on your own. Time is not in your favor when it comes to an amicable divorce. Michigan law requires a minimum 60 day waiting period for divorce if there are no children. If there are minor children, the waiting period is a minimum of 6 months. The reality is most divorces take 6-12 months to complete. That is a lot of time for the conflict to arise and negotiations to turn hostile.

O.W.L. Legal will prepare proper legal documents customized to your divorce in Marysville, MI. All pleadings and judgments will specify in detail the terms of the divorce so the meaning is clear.